WaterAid 2021

Firstly, a big thankyou for turning out on Thursday. As you can see, we did very well in helping to raise £6,500. A number of nice silver Rainbows were caught. Congratulations to Roger Gill who was the most successful ghillie with 8 fish for 17lb 9oz.

Next year looks like a much larger event so, we plan to involve all clubs affiliated to Anglian Water fisheries.

On behalf of WaterAid we wanted to thank everyone who supported of this year’s WaterAid Fly Fishing Challenge yesterday. We hope that everyone enjoyed the day!

Thanks to our sponsoring companies, generous guests and fantastic helpers / volunteers, we raised £6,500 for WaterAid. This will help WaterAid achieve its goal of clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene being a normal part of daily life for everyone, everywhere.


It was a beautiful day at Rutland Water, which may not have been ideal conditions for fishing. However, a few fish were caught – 36 in total, weighing just over 83 lb. The winning results were:

Winning team: MWH Complete Novices
8 fish
Total weight 17 lb 9 oz

Runner up team: MWH Pro Team
3 fish
Total weight 9 lb 8 ¾ oz

Winning expert: Andy Barnes (Savills 1)
4 fish
Total weight 8 lb 3 oz

Winning novice: Peter Beckford (MWH Complete Novices)
8 fish
17 lb 9 oz

Largest fish expert: Adam Ford (MWH Pro Team), 3 lb 14 oz

Largest fish novice: Nathan James (IWS 2), 3 lb 4 ½ oz

2022 – the 20th anniversary

Next year’s event will be the 20th anniversary, and we would like to make it a bigger event. We hope to welcome you back and as soon as we have agreed the date, we will send details to you. Please do let us know if you have any feedback from this year or any ideas for next year.

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