Rutland Water Winter Restrictions

Message from Anglian Water Fisheries. From Monday (November the 1st) the Winter restrictions kick in at Rutland Water.

Firstly all browns must be returned alive as they are now out of season. This will be the case for the rest of this season and through to the end of March. When fishing the harbour at Rutland barbless or debarbed flies are now mandatory, in addition if you are fishing from the harbour wall you must use an unhooking mat if you are taking Browns out of the net and onto the wall to unhook / photograph. Mats can be borrowed from the fishery.

Secondly there are a number of out of bounds areas to be aware of. At Rutland, for boat anglers, the ends of the arms are now out of bounds (red lines), for bank anglers its the same areas as the boat anglers, but also Dickinsons on the North shore and Gibbets through to the sailing club on the south.

Please note throughout November the lodges will be open 8am-2pm.

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