Rutland Water Bank Anglers Guide.

The excellent new guide for bank anglers at Rutland Water is available for free download as a PDF. This 36 page book has invaluable advice for anyone wishing to bank fish at Rutland Water.

Detailed maps are provided with an indication of the best spots for various weather conditions. Loads of Top Tips help you to quickly understand how to bank fish this 3500 acre reservoir.

Use the button below to get your copy. We recommend saving the file on your mobile or smartphone for quick access at the water side. The PDF can also be stored on a tablet for easy reading.

Rutland Water Bank Anglers Guide
Rutland Water Bank Anglers Guide
Size: 3.4mb

RWFF club members can pick up a free printed copy of the Guide at club meetings and events.


Produced and published by Friends of Rutland Water, a non-profit making group dedicated to the promotion of Rutland Water. Thanks to Anglian Water for providing such a wonderful fishery. Without doubt one of the finest anywhere.

Text by John Wadham who has fished Rutland as a season ticket holder since Rutland opened in 1977, with particular emphasis on the banks.

We are also grateful for contributions from Mick Connor, Dave and Jayne Walker, David Moore and the support of Rutland Water Fly Fishing Club.

The maps and illustrations were drawn by Stuart Stenning-White, who is based at the Grafham Lodge retail shop, is also a fishery warden and a talented artist.

Photography by Tim Lawson who regularly can be found fishing the banks.

Design and layout by Rutland regular Chris McLeod.

Thanks to others for suggestions and contributions including Brian Calvert who has written another guide in this series for Grafham Water.