Code of Conduct.

Rutland Water Fly Fishers (RWFF) encourages its members to be responsible anglers at all times and follow the voluntary Code of Conduct below when angling.

RWFF members are encouraged to:

Angler & fish

Support the good name of fly fishing in every way possible

Treat fish with respect, foster good fish welfare and handling practices

Keep fish out of the water for the shortest time possible, especially when taking photos

Use barbless hooks where possible when fishing C&R

Angler & other anglers

Have respect for other anglers

Demonstrate good boatmanship when out on the water

Encourage those interested in fly fishing to join RWFF

Encourage participation in matches, working parties and the RWFF social programme

Support other RWFF members and encourage sharing of information to help all

Help those who are new to the sport and those who are visiting Rutland for the first time

Angler & our environment

Show respect for the water park, wildlife and the surrounding countryside

Leave no litter, especially fishing line

Have respect for members of the public who are using the water park

Support charities which use fly fishing as a force for good (WaterAid etc)

See also our Club Rules.