The club held its annual Anglian Water Forum on Thursday 24th Feb. This is our opportunity to hear the news from the AW team and ask questions about the park, fishing and facilities.

The AW team were Will Kirstein (WK), Parks Manager, and Andy Ainscough (AA), Senior Ranger at Rutland Water. Will and Andy discussed a variety of topics and provided updates on the fish stocking plans for 2022.

Paul Wild, RWFF Treasurer, chaired the meeting which was attended by twenty-three members.

On Thursday, February 10, 2022, Rutland Water Fly Fishers held an auction of the late Taff Bailey’s fishing equipment at the Empingham Cricket Club.

Proceeds of just over £1500 was realised from the sale of over 70 lots. His widow, Trish, generously asked for the money to be donated to Cancer Research.

We had a very good attendance this event and are very grateful to the generosity of our members who contributed to the sum achieved. John Wadham prepared the items for sale. Mick Connor and Dave Walker helped deliver the goods to the cricket club. Tim Lawson acted as our very capable auctioneer.

We were also very grateful to Elaine Connor and Jayne Walker who held up each item for display. There was a large range of items from a ‘priest’ through to some well filled fly boxes and some quality rods. Thank you also to Paul Wild, our treasurer, whose accountancy skills kept us on track.

In view of the popularity of this event, we intend to repeat it after Christmas 2023, maybe in a slightly different format.