• Active Club.

    Over 100 members

  • We enjoy fly fishing.

    for Rainbow & Brown trout in England’s largest reservoir

  • Rutland Water.

    a 3500 acre reservoir in the beautiful county of Rutland

  • Boat or Bank.

    65 boats and over 26 miles of bank

  • Great Facilities.

    fishing lodge and anglers car parking

Welcome to Rutland Water Fly Fishers.

We are a club of keen anglers who fly fish for trout in Rutland Water and other local reservoirs.

Our club programme consists of winter meetings plus a series of matches and social events held during the summer fly fishing season.

New members are very welcome. If you wish to consider joining, please click below to learn more.


Over 140 keen fly fishers who enjoy all that beautiful Rutland Water has to offer.

Matches & Events

Our members compete in fly fishing matches at Rutland and other local reservoirs.

Matches & Events.

Explore our social events, matches and competitions which take place each year. Click on the tiles below for more information.

Member Quotes.

Being a member for over 30 years has given me opportunities to fish, socialise and trade insider knowledge with anglers from novice to Internationals, improving my knowledge of the water and how to tackle its changing moods.

I have been able to pass on my experience to anglers new to the charms of Rutland Water and helped to improve the fishery by working with the committee and Anglian Water.

Lovely, natural looking water in classic, rolling English countryside. The drive back – especially in the twilight – along the peninsula, past The Finches and out on to Hambleton Hill must be one of the most scenic on any fishery.

Bays, promontories, long open stretches of bank mean a fishable spot somewhere, whatever the weather. I’ve fished it in the pre-dawn dark, the post twilight dark and all times in between. I’ve had a 9lb plus rainbow – once. I’ve had a 7lb plus brown – once. And b****r-all loads of times. I love it.

I enjoy being member of the club for various talks and fly tying demonstrations. At the same time meet and get to know other members and exchange information on productive areas of lake, methods, flies etc. This is further enhanced when I later meet these members on the bank and swap ideas and techniques.

I fish Rutland because it produces magnificent grown on fish and has the potential to produce the fish of a lifetime. It can be a tough water, but it rewards those that are willing to put in the time and effort.

Rutland is a fantastic challenge. For me it has the feel of a wild fishery and catching a Rutland trout is often a real test of fly fishing skill and knowledge. You never know when you are going to catch one of its amazing grown-on fish and that makes every trip special.

The club is a great mix of evening talks about fly fishing related topics plus a programme of summer matches and events. I enjoy talking to the other members and learning from their immense experience of Rutland Water.

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